The Airbag system

The airbag is made using PU-coated nylon bounded together with high frequency welding. The trigger mechanims is made by Halkey-Roberts and is custom fitted with Hexoray's trigger.

Perfectly fitted within the vest

The airbag is designed to fit perfectly within the SwimVest Mk. 1, ensuring minimum drag on the chest area, and controlled drag in the back.

The thickness of the airbag is around 0.4mm, with a density of 150g/m², making the entire airbag system not only very slim but also very light.

Halkey-Roberts Technology for reliable activation

We partnered with the best in the industry, and intagreted their Single-point 3F inflator. That inflator is made with Glass-reinforced nylons and stainless steel for marine use environment.
It holds several certifications, such as UL 1191 standard, Cen/ISO 12402-7 standard and is UL recognized USCG 3F component

From airbag to inflator, a durable air canal

It employs unit construction, which reduces leak paths and increases stability. Additionally, the urethane flange is welded to the urethane-coated inflation chambers, while the stem is molded from high strength engineered plastics that offer high corrosion resistance. The self-aligning cap nut prevents cross-threading and further improves reliability.

It meets UL 1191 requirements and is 100% leak tested, and 100% crack tested

Deutsche Qualität CO2 cartridges

We use ISO certified 18g CO2 cartridges, that have been manufactured in Germany designed to be used between -20°C and +50°C.

With 18g of CO2, there is an approximate 9L of gas that is generated for the inflation of the Airbag System.

Designed with reusability in mind

The airbag system is entirely reusable, and only requires a change of CO2 cartridges.

The Halkey-Roberts inflator has a service life of at least 3 years.

The PU-coated nylon has been tested to 9000 cycles of folding without breaking.