The current state of swimming

There are too many deaths by drowning around the world every year: Close to 370,000, the equivalent of a city like Nice in France, or Honolulu, HI. In the water in particular, a place where we’re meant to be free, security often comes at a price: comfort, speed, style.

Our vision

We collectively strive to shield ourselves from danger. Innovation has helped make the world a safer place - whether it's in cars, planes or bikes with better and more comfortable helmets. In Swimming, the sport is so natural and so ancestral that it has been overlooked and safety innovations are far and few between.

In creating the SwimVest Mk. 1 we hope to bring more security to the open-water swimmer, without loss of comfort, speed and style.

Our methods at Hexoray

Innovation to move forward

Innovation is at the heart of what we do and how we look at the world. It keeps us on our toes and inches us closer to a product that will be more useful to the swimmers’ community. Challenging the status quo helps us looking for new material, new and more efficient designs combined with safer technologies.

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Improving swimmers' safety

We believe that by marrying the best safety technologies, manufacturing practices and material science we can improve security, without loss of performance.

Hexoray is committed to be at the service of the athletes and the enthusiasts alike to bring performance alongside safety.

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Respectful of the environment, always

While staying true to our values and the highest standards we give ourselves in protecting the life of our users and ensuring that their athletic capabilities remain unhindered, we made sure to use sustainable practices and materials across the entire life-cycle of our products: design, manufacturing, delivery, recycling.

Our commitment is to the swimmers and the planet, always.