The technology that powers the SwimVest Mk.1

Buoyancy on demand

Folded and tucked away within the neoprene vest, the airbag can be triggered with the pull of the handle. Standard 18g CO2 cartridges provide the inflation necessary for buoyancy when needed.

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Hydro-dynamic design

The airbag's design is extremely purposeful. All the bulky components are in line on the back, freeing up movement and reducing water friction around the chest area. This also allows the vest to have a minimal footprint, letting your arms move freely. All to ensure that safety does not come at the expense of performance.

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Activate, rinse, repeat

The SwimVest is fully reusable. Simply deflate the airbag, fold it back into the vest and change the CO2 cartridge.

Comfort above all

The vest can be worn over the naked skin or on top a wetsuit alike. We've used the best neoprene on the market, made out of Japanese Limestone to ensure a soft touch, comfortable stretch, and a perfect glide in the water.

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High quality components

Crucial components of the Swimvest are sourced from leading manufacturers and material suppliers.

From Halkey Roberts providing the inflation mechanism, Rivertex supplying our airbag material and LBM's CO2 cartridge, no concessions have been made for the Swimvest.

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