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SwimVest Mk.1 - male version

SwimVest Mk.1 - male version

The SwimVest Mk.1 is our first dive into swimming protection. This confortable wearable incorporates an airbag system tucked away within a hydrodynamic shell, ready for deployment whenever and wherever the need should arise. 

Enjoy an unimpeded swimming experience guaranteed by our patented airbag design and our choice of materials.

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Buoyancy on demand

Folded and tucked away within the neoprene vest, the airbag can be triggered by the pull of the handle. An industry standard 18g CO2 cartridge provides the inflation necessary for buoyancy when needed.

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Hydro-dynamic design

The airbag has been designed specifically for the task at hand. All the bulky components required for such a system are centered in the back, freeing up arm movements and reducing water friction on the chest area. This is to ensure that performance and ergonomics are preserved alongside functionality.

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High quality components

Crucial components of the Swimvest are sourced from leading manufacturers and material suppliers.

Halkey Roberts provides the inflation mechanism, our airbag is made from Rivertex PU Nylon, and the cartridges are ISO certified German-made LBM CO2 cartridges.

There have been no expenses spared in what is critical to function.

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Comfort above all

The vest can be worn over the naked skin or on top of a rashguard or wetsuit. The Japanese limestone based neoprene we use is as stretchy and comfortable as it is functional, providing low friction and low water absorption.

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Activate, rinse, repeat

The SwimVest's airbag is fully reusable. Simply deflate it, fold it back into the vest and replace the CO2 cartridge.